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    And we've got a fleet of 500 tractors & 700 trailers to Prove It.

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Industry Leader

Indian River Transport Tanker

As one of the largest food grade carriers in the industry, we believe you should care about the size of the company entrusted to transporting your products.

Size may not be everything, but teaming up with a company with a history of excellent customer service and on-time deliveries should be one of your biggest priorities. With a fleet of 500 tractors and 700 trailers shipping loads between the US, Canada and Mexico, we'd like to be your preferred shipping partner.

Like Being In The Truck

Indian River Transport Truck Dashboard

Confident, Established & Dependable - These aren't just meaningless words to us. We prove that every day. Here's how:

Our powerful technology allows our customers to receive real-time load status 24/7 via a secured password and internet connection. Each and every one of our trucks is equipped with Qualcomm mobile communication and satellite tracking systems. Need to check your load status and the location of your shipment? No problem, now you can. Learn more about Load Tracking »

Our Company

Indian River Transport Co. is a privately owned food grade tank carrier providing transportation services throughout the United States, while also offering import/export services between the US, Canada and Mexico. Read more About Us »

Quality Policy

  • Quality Transportation Services to our Clients
  • Quality Work Environment for Our Employees
  • Promote Safety, Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability

Our Mission

Our first priority is to meet our customer's expectations. We have become a total quality company by continuously improving our work processes to satisfy both our employees & customers' needs. Learn more About Us »


Juice Products Association
Florida Department of Citrus
American Dairy Association
Int'l Dairy Foods Association